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Qualified Professional with a personal touch.

Qualified event, hospitality and support staff can make all the difference to the overall conference experience. Whether they are greeting attendees at an airport, dispatching vehicles, stationed at a registration desk, directing to or within events, or just a welcoming face. Uniform Professional Concierge while answering questions…our KTDMC appointed dispatch and hospitality concierge staff add the “personal touch” that is often so important to a programs’ success.
Clients trust our professional staff to supplement their existing resources KTDMC has the network and resources to provide just a few helpful hands.

Quality Meet and Greet Personnel
Experienced Dispatchers for Small and Large Moves
Trained Registration and Hospitality Services Personnel
Dine-Around and Restaurant Advancing Staff
Meeting Room and Conference “Runners”
Hospitality Desk Guides
Convention Staff for Material Collation

Anastascia Ramsey, CMP

President: Director of Sales & Marketing

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